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The top No-No for a guy

You may think that I am easy on all of the guys that I date here at Chelmsford escorts of but that is not true at all. As a matter of fact, I cannot stress enough that it is important for gents to treat us escorts right here at the agency. Some guys who like to hook up with escorts think that they can say and do anything. That is no so at all and the guys who I date who do not behave themselves, do get told off by me. Do they like it? Not all of them do but some of them thrive on it.


It is not always easy being an escort, I have been in this business for such a long time that I have seen a lot of changes and I am sure that we will soon see a lot more changes to the way the escort service is run in this country. Some guys just think that they can be rude to you but I don't accept that at all. The more senior guys that I date at Chelmsford escorts tend to be very polite, but some of the young guys can be a bit rude. To be honest, they have a lot to learn from the older guys.


The first thing that you should not do is to swear around your escorts from Chelmsford escorts services. I know that swear words are part of the language these days but that does not mean that I accept that. If you would like to go out on a date with me, you really do need to be nice and polite. I don't put up with any swearing at all, and you should not really be swearing in front of any girl. There is little wonder that none of the girls down the pub want to know you.


You should also not use bad language like tart or cheap slag. Once again, we seem to be really afraid of telling people that they should not speak in certain ways or use certain terms. When I first started to work for Chelmsford escorts, I had never had any problems with language like that. Now it seems to happen more and more often and I cannot understand it. I love working as an escort but when you speak to me like that, I can promise you that you will be straight out of the door. You will not get your money back if you have already paid for your time.


Also, you should not turn up drunk. This has not happened to me very often, but some of the younger girls who work for Chelmsford escorts come across it all of the time. In all honesty, I am not sure that is a good thing. If you have driven to see us, it means that you were drunk when you drove your car. You could have caused an accident or worse.  Dating girls at any escort agency is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and I am sure that you would enjoy it more if you followed some very simple rules. There is nothing wrong with being polite and showing a lady some courtesy.


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