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So in my previous story I told you how I Met the beautiful Lilly

It wasn’t enough for me to just have one date with her I had to have more. Luckily of are very cheap so I was able to book her every night for at least 4-5 hours so that we can be together every evening. And without a doubt every evening when I open my door to her she would greet me with that beautiful bright infectious smile. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that this smile turned me on more than her beautiful physique. I’d called for about four months now and every evening booked Lilly for at least four hours per night.


By this time the reception knew me by name I knew exactly who I wanted to book. One evening I called spoke with the receptionist and asked her if I could actually book Lily for the entire night. Luckily their rates are really reasonable so I didn’t break my bank too much to do that. That night I had something special for Lily I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend. We had gotten on so well and she was so special I couldn’t imagine not seeing her every evening for the rest of my life.


I had a Romantic dinner planned followed bye her favourite desert which surprisingly is cannolis then a romantic boat ride along the Thames at night. I was so nervous that night I paced my floor and prayed that she would say yes to committing to me. I don’t know how I would’ve felt oh I would’ve done if she didn’t feel the same way I did about her. I remember how I felt when the doorbell rang I knew it was her I pause for a moment my palms are sweaty and my feet were anchored to the floor I was so nervous. Who would’ve thought the get me to feel this way.


I walked over to the door turn the latch and pull the door back to once again be greeted by the beautiful bright smile. She looked gorgeous she was dressed in a long black dress with a Juliet cut as she had a beautiful diamond necklace sitting perfectly in between her collar bones her hair was straight to one side and pinned back behind her ear she looked amazing. The evening went smoothly as it always does when we are together and I wasn’t even nervous by the time I had actually asked her to be my girlfriend. When the words left my mouth she looked down at her plate then looked up straight into my eyes and with confidence told me yes. I was literally the happiest man in the world at that moment who would’ve thought after all of the terrible dates I’ve had that I would find my true love


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