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How Eve London Escorts Select Their Clients

There are a lot of things that we aren’t taught in school; one of these things is how to use the services of an escort. In as much as you are paying for the escort services, you are playing your part by being considerate. This is crucial to spending quality time with your companion. Here is the criterion used by Eve London Escorts to select their best customers.

Advance Booking

No one likes to be ambushed. Booking your London escort a few days or weeks in advance may seem like overkill, but it gives her the time to prepare for you. It’s always respectful of her time and a great deal of relief to know who and what’s scheduled for next Thursday, and so on.

Keep It Short And Sweet

Sometimes a client may call one of our Eve London Escorts for hours, and it may become hard to usher them off the phone, especially if the escort really likes you. But let’s face it, it’s tasking to be on the phone 20 mins+ when they have dishes, laundry to be sorted, or just trying to keep up with the escort version of them. You’ll have plenty of time to talk during the date, so don’t ruin it by updating each other about it all over the phone.

Good customers don’t pry

They don’t ask what your real name is or other personal questions that might be uncomfortable to answer. How many customers have you had today? This is a question you do not want to know the answer and one that may prompt her to lie. No escort wants to tell you where they live, her social media accounts, the school they attended and other personal information that may identify her.

Keep time

The good thing about the distinguished Eve customers is that they are punctual and know when their time is up. Consistent good behavior is what gets you bonus time with an escort. An escort’s favorite regulars may get some extra free time, but that’s up to her to decide to reward you for being such a wonderful customer.

Good hygiene

As escorts, we know that not everyone can control their body odor, but some people can be inconsiderate. It’s important that you take a shower prior to the appointment. However, some people have natural problems with body odor, and bathing beforehand may seem like it's not enough. You overcompensate for the smell by dousing yourself in cologne, but you may end up suffocating your escorts in a cloud of perfume- don’t stress, a shower and a touch of cologne is enough.

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